PC Support Skills

The PC Support skills at JTI is an innovative way to learn PC maintenance and Network usage Troubleshooting. Mostly aligned with CompTIA and Microsoft curriculums, ITPC meets the demand of different areas of industries in Jubail Industrial City, offering graduates with internationally recognized certifications like A+ and Network+.

PC Support Skills ITPC graduates mainly can provide technical assistance to computer and network users. Offering their services either in person, via phone, or remotely using the online connections and new trends in technical support trends, PC support skills enables our trainees to troubleshoot and resolve PC related problems and issues, which include computer hardware installation assistance, technicalities of domestic software, electronic mail issues, operating systems problems, printing problems and network services .

Needed almost in every modern business, a PC Technician provides technical support to employees or customers for computers, associated networks and peripherals. Installations, troubleshooting and repairing personal computers, laptops and networking equipment.

In many cases, PC Support Skills ITPC graduates are employed by manufacturers to meet the obligations set by service contracts. They might install computer equipment when it arrives at the client's business, or follow up with subsequent visits for preventative maintenance. In most cases, one technician in an organization is always on call in case any part of the system fails. These professionals often perform diagnostic tests with specialized equipment to determine the nature and extent of the problem at hand.

They are usually equipped to handle a variety of repairs: replacing hardware components such as network and video cards and circuit boards; swapping out peripherals; rewiring internal components and more. If a tech is unable to repair a machine in the field, he or she might take it back to his or her employer's home office for further analysis or more complicated repairs.

PC Support Skills PCSS might also work in specialized repair shops, for large companies taking care of in-house repair and maintenance, as individual contractors or in other settings. Job descriptions can also vary, but in general, all computer PC Support Skills PCSS need to be comfortable tackling the following tasks:

  • Dealing with and replacing defective parts
  • Answering questions and finding solutions for people learning how to use a computer or that are adjusting to an unfamiliar system
  • Dealing with Operating Systems and managing accounts as per applied internal policies.
  • Being available during weekend, holiday or evening hours to keep all sorts of computer systems running
What are the career opportunities ?

The major is designed to prepare graduates for employment in a wide variety of corporate environments in the industrial, governmental and service sectors in the kingdom. Graduates will be employed as:

  • PC Technician
  • Network Technicians
  • Network Support
  • Desktop Support Technician
  • Marketing IT Staff
  • IT Call Center Agent


Degree Plan

Semester 1
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1CITS 1207Advanced Computer Applications52
2CITS 1208Computer Hardware & Operating System52
3CITS 1209PC Essentials53
4CITS 1210Network Technology53
5ITPC 1210Supporting Desktop Operating System52
6ITPC 1211Desktop Software and Mobile Applications Support53
7ENGC 1404English communication32
Total Hours3317


Semester 2
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1ITPC 2212PC Hardware63
2ITPC 2213PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting63
3ITPC 2214Network Services Administration63
4ITPC 2215Network +63
5ITPC 2216Enterprise Desktop Support63
6TRWT 2406Technical Report Writing32
Total Hours3317

Coop (15 Weeks)
SrCourse CodeCourse NameWorking HoursEquivalent Contact 
Credit Hours
1ITPC 3218Cooperative Training Program6001204