Quality & Planning

Quality Assurance           

To achieve comprehensive quality, Jubail Technical Institute established Quality and Educational Planning Unit, that is responsible to ensure the application of quality standards on the educational process, in addition to the curriculum continuous improvements, and the process of training and developing staff. The responsibilities of Quality and Educational Planning Unit are:

  • Ensure and manage the quality and continuous development.
  • Establish education and training excellence center to train the trainers and  develop of curricula.
  • Follow up the approval of training programs in accordance with local and international standards.
  • Establish the English Language Program in accordance with IELTS standards. 
  • Approved industrial training certificates such as Cisco, CompTIA, and ICDL.
  • International Testing Center (Pearson VUE).




Our Objective
  1. To participate in fulfilling JTI’s mission in the fields pertaining to quality
  2. To Spread the culture of quality to ensure the competitive potential of JTI’s services
  3. To developing systems responsible for the continuous assessment and the regular internal auditing of all training programs and departments in JTI.
  4. To devise, formulate and document rules, policies and procedures for improving JTI’s service, in order to attain the levels of national and international reference standards.
  5. To contribute in the enhancement of training through staff development and improving work processing systems.
  7. To maintain cooperation and exchange relations with esteemed national and international agencies in areas related to development and quality training.
  8. To perform transparently such that achieving the unit’s mission becomes the ultimate goal.
  1. Quality Management
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. Train the Trainers
  4. New Trainer Probation
  5. Learning Support
  6. International Collaboration
  7. Decision Support
  1. Studies and Research

    • Strategic planning of training
    • Feedback from the Industry, Students and Employees
    • Training system formats
    • Student progression and achievements
    • Absence and Denial cases
    • Numbers of staff needed
    • Possibility of collaboration with companies Steps towards academic accreditation and official recognition (Ministry of Civil Services)
    • Review of stage four for JTI construction design
    • Coordinating and supervising stage three for Industrial Development Center (IDC)
  2. Publications and Issues

    • Institute Quality Frame work
    • Quality System for Training
    • Weekly Quality Messages
    • Manuals (Assessment, training, employee’s guide, student’s manual)
    • Periodic reports (Annual reports, excellence report, Directory, services)
    • Policies and procedures
    • Module description
  3. Seminars & Presentation

    • Quality Assurance Frame work
    • Analysis of students’ results
    • Analysis of Strategic Planning Survey
  4. Memorandum of Understanding

    • Rotary Engineering Ltd.
    • Saudi KAYAN
    • Emerson Co.
    • Society College, Oklahoma, USA
    • PINZ, New Zealand
  5. Projects and Workshop

    • Organize the 2nd Open House
    • SWOT analysis
    • Train-of-trainers for 40 staff members
    • Leadership and management workshop for 20 staff members
    • Covering the gaps in training programs with Aramco programs
  6. Partnerships

    • Saudi-Aramco Partnership program
    • SABIC
    • KAYAN
    • ITE Singapore
    • PINZ New Zealand
    • Dr. Eckert Schools, Germany