Monthly Courses

Our Mission 

  1. To provide comprehensive training solutions for industrial sector , local market and community .
  2. To offer advanced and specialized training for industry to keep pace with the rapid development in industrial sector , and to ensure excellence and development for Saudi manpower .

Our Objective

To design and implement several , various and high quality special programs and short courses for companies , institutions and community members tailored to their needs . We also aim to exploit the full potential of JTI equipments and trainers to serve industrial sector .

How to register in a course ?
  • Download the application form and e mail it ( ) or to fax (03) 340-2619
  • By phone (3) 340 – 2641
  • E mail address :
  • By visiting the institute to fill-up the form .
What is Awarded on completion of Course ?

The trainee will be awarded ( a certificate of Attendance / Completion) at the end of the program period.

Our Vision

Advanced and approved training center based on the international standards and competes other international training centers .

What we offer to our customers ?

We prepare and train students to take test design and develop by international bodies. Example

  1. Excellent and distinct services that enable our customers to achieve success through technology and enable them also to achieve work solutions .
  2. Vocational , technical and occupational training and development .
  3. An enjoyable and conductive work environment that promotes innovation , team work and culture of excellence .
  4. We are a role model for other institutions of technical education through commitment to our core values that include respect , responsibility , critical thinking , communication and collaboration .
  5. We implement the best business practices in terms of curricula preparation and special programs that are tailored to the needs for occupational and personal advancement .


Important Notes
  • Deadlines for registration is one week prior to the course start date
  • For late registration , please contact SPU for seat availability .
  • Confirm registration can not be cancelled within five working days prior to course start date but , a substitute may be sent to the course .
  • In case of a participant is not show up , the amount paid will not be restored .
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances , the program may change and JTI reserves the rights to alter the venue , the date and the trainer .
Few Good Reasons for Choosing JTI Training Course
  • Guarantee of Quality
  • Setting The standard
  • Totally current
  • Something for everyone
  • The best Instructors
  • Relevant to your work
  • Excellent Support
  • Wealth of Experience
  • Help to make the right choice

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