The Management Information System (MIS) Department


Management Information System (MIS) is a general term for the computer systems in JTI that provide thedata information exchange and services for operations and referred to the people who manage these systems. The "MIS department" refers to a central or centrally-coordinated system of computer expertise and management, including by extension the JTI's entire network of computer resources.Applications are developed with information that would help in managing the Institute. The term MIS refers to (but is not limited to): decision support systems, resource and people management applications, project management, and database retrieval applications.

Transforming to robust Network Infrastructures

The Management Information System (MIS) Department


The MIS of JTI in coordination with the Royal Commission IT Department have gone through steps to design and to implement a much better Network infrastructure that will not be limited by the current wireless speed, but will be capable in integrating all types and form of information such as Data, voice and video files at high speed. The new Network was so design to group areas that interlink into Main Distribution that act as data concentrator that is then link to a much higher speed going to the Core of the Network were the Servers, Controllers and Routers are located that provide the bulk of the Network Services.
These new capability that will greatly improve all current speed of services plus the added factor of multiple types of information exchange or working with different form of data, that will give us capabilities to add vital services that JTI will be needing in the future. With all this potential, still the network will be maintaining a high level of Network securities without slowing the network data exchange.

Goals for better Network Services Opportunities

The MIS is not only providing the available services but is also currently engage in In-house development of vital Web application that was formulated and had arise according to the need of the operational flow of the Institute.
Also, the MIS is engage in project study of other new network technology services available in the market that could be beneficial and vital to the future expansion of JTI. Like considering the application of Green terminal that simplifies maintenance, improved security and most of save a lots of energy.
As for the future plans, other services that might be need in JTI are currently being made available to be integrated to JTI.


Studies are made by MIS like the Personnel Information Services, Industrial Relation Services, Dormitory Information Services etc. to further enhance the MIS role in inter-department exchange of information.

Plans to tap advance Technology

MIS goal is to advance the awareness of the Institute in latest Technology by making proposal for an advance Open Laboratory for the student to test and work with the latest advance gadgets that will enhance their enthusiasm to further engage new technology that might be a new frontier of their career.