Industrial Electronics Skills


This program is designed to prepare technicians at a high level of training and skills in the field

of maintenance of industrial electronics. Moreover, the section's equipped with the latest devices conforming to what is used in the industrial sector.

This enables us to provide trainees with the necessary skills to become qualified and productive. The program covers a wide range of electronic devices in addition to practical exercises in the installation, calibration, measurement and maintenance of various electronics and electrical circuits.


The workshops of this section are equipped with the following :

  • Electrical and Electronics testing.
  • Instruments Testing and calibration.
  • Electronics Instrumentation.
  • Electronics Soldering.
  • Programmable logic controller. (PLC)
  • Fire Alarm Systems.
  • Security systems.


Career Opportunities

After successfully completing the training period, the graduate  will be qualified  for one of the  following jobs:

  • Electronics Field Technician.
  • Electronic Instrumentation technician.
  • Electronic Workshop Maintenance Technician.
  • Fire Alarm Systems Technician.
  • Security Systems Technician.


Degree Plan

Semester 1
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1IELT 1428Electrical Circuits63
2IENX 1211Electronic Circuits63
3INCT 1426Instruments Principles & Calibration and Maintenance63
4IENX 1212Fire alarm and Security System63
5IENX 1213Basic Electronic Instrumentation32
6IENX 1214Soldering Techniques32
7ENGC 1404English Communication32
Total Hours3318


Semester 2
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1IENX 2215Electronic Circuits Troubleshooting63
2IENX 2216Control Circuits and Protection63
3IENX 2217Electronic Instrumentation63
4INCT 2431PLC Programming and Interfacing & Microcontroller63
5IENX 2218 Digital Electronic Communication32
6IENX 2219Electronic Applications32
7TRWT 2406Technical Report Writing32
Total Hours3318

Coop (15 Weeks)
SrCourse CodeCourse NameWorking HoursEquivalent Contact 
Credit Hours
1IENX 3220Cooperative Training Program6001204