Industrial Instrumentation & Control Skills


This program is prepared to train high schools graduates with the state-of-the art technology in the field of instrumentation scientifically and practically to prepare them to work in the field of instrumentation and control.

This section workshops are equipped with the following training means:

Electrical and electronic circuits


  • Electrical and Electronic Circuits
  • Instruments Testing and calibration.
  • Continuous control Process (PID)
  • Distributed control system (DCS)
  • Programmable logic control devices (PLC)
  • Control Valves


The training workshops are equipped with the latest technical equipment, in addition to professional trainers to provide trainees with skills that make them professional and productive starting from their first day at work.

We also focus on training based on field experiences by using equipment and real-industrial machines with highly qualified trainers.

We believe that high-quality equipment and qualified instructors is the combination, that made us one of the best institutes within the GCC countries.

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of the training period, the  graduate will be qualified for one of the following jobs:

  • Field Instrumentation Technician.
  • Instrumentation Workshop Technician.
  • Process Operation Technician.
  • Control Valves Technician.

Degree Plan

Semester 1
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1IELT 1428Electrical Circuits63
2IENX 1211Electronic Circuits63
3INCT 1426Instruments Principles & Calibration and Maintenance
4INCT 1427Principles of Control63
5INCT 1428Control Valves Operation and Maintenance32
6INCT 1429Instrumentation Skills Practice I32
7ENGC 1404English Communication32
Total Hours3318


Semester 2
SrCourse CodeCourse NameContact Hours/
Credit Hours
1INCT 2430Distributed Control System Operation (DCS)63
2IENX 2215Electronic Circuits Troubleshooting63
3IENX 2217Electronic Instrumentation63
4INCT 2431PLC Programming and Interfacing & Microcontroller63
5INCT 2432Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams Reading32
6INCT 2433Instrumentation Skills Practice II32
7TRWT 2406Technical Report Writing32
Total Hours3318

Coop (15 Weeks)
SrCourse CodeCourse NameWorking HoursEquivalent Contact 
Credit Hours
1INCT 3434Cooperative Training Program6001204