Basic Mechanical Skills

1. Technical Drawing ( BSTD 103 ) :-

This course hones trainees’ skills in drawing 2D and 3D shapes. It introduces trainees to the drawing techniques and equipments and provides the simplest methods to create drawing. Moreover, it allows students to read and interrupt drawings.

Computer Aided Technical Drawing (BSCD 304 ) :-


This course offers technical sketching and interpretation of standard multi-view representations. It also includes visualizing in two and three dimensions, principal, sectional and auxiliary views, basic dimensioning techniques, and introduction to computer-aided design. Trainees learn to manipulate points, lines and planes in three-dimensional space to establish true positions, true sizes and true shapes of features.

This course introduces the trainees to basic practices in the workshop such as the safe use of hand tools, power machine tools, measuring tools, sheet metal fabrication, and soldering. Trainees become adept in measurement techniques as well as in filing, marking, numbering, folding, threading, and drilling.

Occupational Health & Safety ( BSHS 201 ) :-

This course introduces the concept of health and safety during on – job at work. Upon completion of this course the trainees will be able to decide why safety is every body’s business, understand accident causes and recognize- mechanical, electrical, chemical and fire hazards.

hnical Mathematics (BSTM 401 ) :-


This course is designed for technical students specializing in electrical technology, instrumentation, drafting, welding, automotive, machine tool, and others. It includes a brief review of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. It is followed by fundamental operations of algebra, linear equations, ratio, proportions, variations, percents, basic geometry, unit conversions, metric system, and applications in the technical fields.

Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
Directorate General of the Royal Commission in Jubail
Jubail Technical Institute

Basic Skills Department Modules and Contact Hours

Level 1
SrModule CodeModule NameContact Hours
1BSEL103English Language Level 1160
2BSPE101Physical Education32
3BSTD103Technical Drawing48
Total Hours240

Level 2
SrModule CodeModule NameContact Hours
1BSEL204English Language Level 2160
2BSHS201Occupational Health & Safety32
3BSIC201Islamic Culture32
Total Hours256

Level 3
SrModule CodeModule NameContact Hours
1BSEL305English Language Level 3160
2BSCD304Computer Aided Technical Drawing48
3BSCA303Computer Application64 
Total Hours272

Level 4
SrModule CodeModule NameContact Hours
1BSEL406English Language Level 4160
2BSTM401Technical Mathematics48
3BSWP401Workshop Practices64
Total Hours272