IDC Organized a Training Course for Entrepreneurs at JTI


Industrial Development Centre IDC at JTI, presented a training course for entrepreneurs entitled "Marketing Plan Study" during the period 2/12/2018 – 5/12/2018, and hosted by Mr. Sultan Al Jeraisy (Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Aramco Center for Entrepreneurship). He talked about the importance of marketing in entrepreneurship. Indeed, this training comes as a part of IDC program for developing and support entrepreneurs within IDC and/or potentially will join the center.

The course  provide trainees with tools, skills and knowledge necessary to help them  prepare a marketing plan and know what to do before / after creating the plan, and the course was focused on:

First: Introducing the concept of marketing plan and what you need to knew before starting to implement the plan.

Second: Start the development of the plan through defining the project and the future layout by the owner of the project.

Third: knowing the market data of the project through marketing and strategic research to enter the results of the research in a form of work schedules.

Fourth:  Setting the marketing budget after studying the expected pricing and sales strategy; as well as, monitoring and measuring activities to analyze the budget outputs.