Governor of General Commission for Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs Visited Industrial Development Center at JTI


Due to the importance and role of entrepreneurship, SMEs  in building of national economy, and responding to the plan of national transformation 2020 and vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 to develop the entrepreneurship and support the entrepreneurs in Kingdom.

    Excellency of General Commission for Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs Dr. Gassan Al Suluman and the accompanying delegation was visited Industrial Development Center IDC at Jubail Technical Institute JTI on Tuesday 2/5/2017, he was welcomed by JTI director and IDC staff.

   This visit to IDC comes as interest and belief of His Excellency in the importance of SMEs and entrepreneurship to build strong national economy and contributing in economic development and Compatible with National Transformation Plan 2020 and Saudi vision 2030 in the Kingdome By providing a suitable environment for entrepreneurs of services to help them in transfer their ideas into successful and sustainable projects and to Localization of industry and creation of new jobs.

  At the beginning of the visit, governor visited IDC entrepreneurs in their projects, he listened to entrepreneurs the obstacles which facing them to develop their projects, and proposed solutions for the development of SMEs, also the governor listened to the IDC services which provided to entrepreneurs to develop their projects and the ways of financing through the bank of Social Development and other institutes, also were visited women section in Alqudes district to see the projects of women entrepreneurs.

   At the end of visiting his excellency was pride and admiration for the role of IDC role in supporting entrepreneurship projects.