Jubail Technical Institute Holds the Second Industrial Gathering


Jubail Technical Institute, affiliated to Royal Commission in Jubail, has held and organized the Second Industrial Gathering, which was attended by a number of officials from the industrial sectors in the Eastern Province, including Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Sadara, Chevron and others. The Meeting aimed at discussing ways of cooperation, strengthening relations and sharing views, opinions and proposals on the needs of these sectors from the specialties provided by the Institute to serve the interests of the parties and help to provide and qualify appropriate outputs, in addition to an exhibition in which the activities, services and specialties provided by the Institute were presented.

The ceremony started with a welcome speech from His Excellency JTI Managing Director Dr. Abdurrahman Saeed Al-Dossary, and an introductory video about the Institute. In the section "Success Story", a number of graduates of the Institute and employees of various industrial companies in the region were hosted and met to talk about their experiences and the most significant challenges they face during and after their graduation from the Institute. Also, HE JTI Managing Director presented a visual presentation of the objective of this Meeting and gave an overview of the Institute and its objectives, vision, mission and specialties, and the extent of correlation between the vision of the Institute and the vision of the Kingdom 2030. He also talked about the strong relationships with the companies benefiting from its outputs, pointing out that the Institute teaches and provides several specialties that fit the requirements of the industrial sectors. This was followed by an open discussion in which views, opinions and proposals were clearly and transparently exchanged. In the same context, the Director of the Institute honored a number of companies sponsoring and supporting the programs and activities of the Institute in the service of the community.

At the end of the Meeting, the visitors made a tour in the exhibition where the activities, services and specialties offered by the Institute and a number of distinguished student projects were presented. The attendees praised the methodology of the Royal Commission in Jubail in training in its colleges and institutes to achieve outputs of high quality that suit and fit the work nature especially inside factories and plants and graduate skilled technicians. They also asked other institutes and colleges to benefit from the experiences of the Royal Commission in this regard if they are looking for excellence in their outputs and success in the industrial workplaces.