JTI Students Pass the Public License Examination


On Wednesday 14/05/1439 AH, the students of crane and forklift skills was completed the test of heavy equipment driving license on mobile crane and forklift at JTI. This was under the supervision of the Traffic Test Committee, represented by the head of the licenses department at Jubail Industrial City with cooperation of senior inspector from SABIC.

The students were tested in two phases, the first phase was an editorial test in the safety and operation fundamentals. The second stage is a practical test on the crane and the forklift operation. It was the praise of Allah, all students passed the tests with all competence and merit. The head of the Jubail license department praised the efforts of JTI and the high levels of training, which aims to raise the level of graduate students and increase their career opportunities.

The test came after the visit and coordination carried out by a delegation from JTI to JIC Traffic Department, which was intended to facilitate the procedures for the issuance of public licenses (Heavy Equipment) for students that will graduate from CROP Skills.