JTI Football League Championship


The Institute's Deputy of Student Affairs, sponsored the final match of the Football League Championship, in the presence of a number of administrative staff and faculty members of the Institute.

The final match witnessed massive attendance who interacted with the game and encouraged their colleagues competing on the championship cup; (Al-Ahlam) and (Operation) teams.

The match ended with the victory of Al-Ahlam Team with three goals to zero.

The Player (Salem Meteb Al-Shammari) won the award of the best player in the championship, while the Player (Tareq Meshal Al-Thaqafi) won the award of the top scorer of the championship with 6 goals, and the best goalkeeper award in the championship went to the Player (Mishari Majid Al-Shammari).

It should be noted that the championship lasted for two weeks, with the participation of twelve (12) teams.