JTI Celebrates the Graduation of Sadara Company Graduates


Jubail Technical Institute celebrates, at the Royal Commission in Jubail, the graduation of 34 graduates from Sadara Company on Thursday 02.03.2017 in the institute. The festival was attended by JTI director, director of Sadara industrial training department and a number of the administrators and officers of the company and the institute.

The festival started by reciting the Holy Quran and then, a definitional film about the institute was displayed. After that, JTI director delivered an address confirming the importance of that patch of Sadara Company trainees which included  signing of a joint cooperation between JTI and Sadara was one of the harbingers of three training programs over the past year are:

  • The first program: Industrial Welding Skills,  joined 6 trainees for 15 weeks
  • The second program: Industrial Machining Skills, joined 16 trainees for 20 weeks.
  • The third program: Industrial Electrical Skills, joined 12 trainees for 11 weeks.

The result of the strategic partnership that connects Sadara and the sector of colleges and institutes in the royal commission in Jubail which were established to develop and vary continuously within the national liability to achieve the Kingdom vision 2030. After that, the director of industrial training department in Sadara Company has delivered the company address.

At the end of the festival, the trainees were honored and exchanged the commemorative shields between the company and Jubail Technical Institute in addition to getting commemorative photographs and encouraging the trainees.