Developing of Cooperation Between Industrial Development Center at JTI and Al-Sharqia Chamber


Within the cooperation between Industrial Development Center IDC at JTI and Al.Sharqia chamber for importance and role of entrepreneurship, SMEs  in building of national economy, and responding to the plan of national transformation 2020 and vision of Saudi Arabia 2030 to develop the entrepreneurship and support the entrepreneurs in Kingdome.

   An invitation by Eastern Chamber to IDC at JTI, a meeting was held at the Al.Sharqia chamber's in Dammam city with the presence of IDC partner of the training (East Horizons for Training) on ​​Thursday 27/4/2017 in order to benefit from the services of IDC partner for the training and to discuss the cooperation between the two parties with the Chamber in the field of training.
    Also IDC presented a lecture about IDC and IDC services which provided to the entrepreneurs at the Chamber in industrial Jubail city on Monday 1/5/2017, This comes within the cooperation between the two parties to serve Saudi entrepreneurs to help them to develop their projects through IDC.